Monday, March 20, 2017

Is my Life Like Sariah's?

It seems to me that Nephi didn't have sisters until after the family traveled into the wilderness. (In 1st Nephi 2:3 he says his family consisted of only his father, mother and 4 sons, but later after reaching the promised land he mentions his sisters) could it be that during that time of trial, his mother was blessed with at least four more children two girls and Jacob and Joseph? That seems like it is very possible. I wonder if Sariah had longed for more children and thought her family was complete since she had been unable to have them. I wonder if she lost any of her children to miscarriage and they were not mentioned in the record.  Maybe she rejoiced with surprised enthusiasm when she found out she was expecting a child again. Those Children would certainly be worth all the things she had been asked to  leave behind.  And all of those miracle children decided to follow the commandments and be faithful when asked to follow their older brother to flee with him again to safety from the murderous older brothers.  Maybe my life is more like Sariah's than I ever imagined.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Not Like Nasty Medicine

The speaker at church today had a great quote about how reading the Book of Mormon should not be like taking nasty medicine or having a shot.  (I believe he said the quote came from Elder Russell. M. Nelson?)  I thought that was a very clever way to help me remember to keep family and personal study interesting and fun. Hubby is really great at that.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

This week's Family Theme Scripture

I was feeling really tired.  As I walked past the front door, I remembered that the most important things for the day are already complete. I need to Remember I am doing well.